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SkinCeuticals Cell Cycle Catalyst


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Cell Cycle Catalyst is a potent skin renewal accelerating serum formulated to amplify anti-aging results.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Cell Cycle Catalyst promotes cell turnover at the skin’s surface to smooth texture, improve discoloration, and minimize the look of visible lines.
  • Clinically proven to boost anti-aging results by 20%
  • Show to prepare and prolong treatment results by removing up to 100 microns of cellular debris from the skin in just 2 weeks
  • Suitable for use on all skin tones and skin types

Additional Information

Key Ingredients: 
7.7% Multi-Acid Complex
2.5% Glycolic Acid
2% Phytic Acid
2% Lactic Acid
1% Mandelic Acid
.2% Salicylic
1.0% Taurine
A high concentration of amino acid (naturally found in the skin) to help boost cellular vitality, increase NAD+ levels, stimulate skin barrier renewal through transglutaminase 3 enzymatic activity, and assist in maintaining cutaneous water homeostasis.
  • Can be applied daily as a first step to boost the results of an anti-aging skincare regimen.
  • Can be used to prepare the skin ahead of professional treatments such as chemical peels or lasers.

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