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Mott50 Kimme Hat


Dr. Nichols’ exclusive collaboration with Mott50 is the perfect combination of chic and sun-protective. This luxe UPF50+ hat is essential for any getaway, a stylish gift for a loved one, and a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

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Q&A with Dr.Nichols

1). What was your inspiration behind the Kimme Hat?

I love to wear hats of all kinds all year-round. They complement any outfit and always get a WOW when you enter a room. So for the Kimme hat, I wanted to collaborate with Mott50 to make a sun-protective hat that was chic, unique, and altogether badass!

2). Why did you want to collaborate with Mott50, specifically?

As a board-certified dermatologist, I am the first person to admit that it is a struggle to find protective sun wear that is also stylish. Mott50 truly bridges the gap between sun-safety and style!

3). Why is having a UPF50+ hat so essential in your wardrobe?

The same way that sunscreen with SPF is a crucial part of a daily skincare regimen, sun-safe UPF50+ clothing and accessories are essential to truly protecting your scalp, face, ears and body. And in addition to putting you at risk for skin cancer, the sun can also do serious damage to your hair overall, leading to discoloration, dryness and breakage, thinning, and frizziness. It’s easy to protect your skin with regular application of sunscreen, but most of us don’t want to lather sunscreen on our scalps and hair, causing these areas to often go unprotected. And while any hat will protect you to a certain extent, a UPF50+ hat gives you the ultimate protection, blocking 98% of sun’s harmful rays.

4). Can you give us some facts on why face, scalp and ear coverage is so important – yet often goes forgotten?

The face, scalp, and ears are three of the most common areas where patients get skin cancer. And while some of us faithfully apply sunscreen to our faces, most often we neglect to apply it to our ears, and we definitely don’t apply it to our scalps. Also, many people don’t realize that about 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. So in addition to protecting you from skin cancer, using sunscreen and sun-protective UPF50+ hats and clothing is the most effective anti-aging product you can use. Healthy skin is the foundation of beautiful skin!

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